My New Path For YACS


Hi everyone,

I would like to tell you about my background as a prologue before my next blog posts of the semester.

I have been running various flavors of the Linux kernel on my servers since 16 years old.

Since 16, my creation of GradeSmart gave me a great canvas to work on and I am excited to pass on into YACS.

GradeSmart was born initially for my Computer Science teacher out of a need to grade multiple choice exams automatically, analyze exam performance, and export data to their gradebooks digitally for Android devices. Essentially, my desire to change the world out of a need to fill a void for educators who owned Android devices.

Additionally, I am a member of LOPSA.

With all the knowledge I learned over the years to date, my footprints are ingrained in forever maintaining and upgrading GradeSmart from its infancy to adulthood now.

Currently, I run Arch Linux with my own patch to harden my development server’s security.

I run CentOS on my production servers for reliability and uptime stats.

In closing I have planned, upcoming conferences to attend: USENIX LISA Conference, Compose Conference, and Google I/O.

I am excited to pull what I know for the betterment of YACS future.