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In-Depth Nginx

I am pleased to announce that YACS will soon run using Nginx with Docker. Docker makes the installation of Nginx easy by simply specifying the Nginx image name in the “docker-compose.yml” file. The switch from Apache to Nginx induces great performance improvements. This is because Nginx caches static files. In... [Read More]

YACS Website Advancements

Hello again RCOS! At the start of November, I took on the opportunity to help improve the YACS website’s performance and security. This included improving the foundation of YACS in Docker. The YACS Docker branch will make YACS easy for colleges to deploy. The current production build of YACS uses... [Read More]

YACS on Android: Part 1

Hello RCOS! My name is Mark Robinson and at the start of this semester, I collaborated with the RPI YACS team to help build a brilliant idea to reality. Since the start of the semester, I’ve been creating the Android mobile app for YACS, called “YACS Android.” I am proud... [Read More]

Comcast: Cord Cut

Yesterday, I canceled my Comcast triple play subscription. In its place, I bought a Amazon Fire TV stick and subscribed to Sony’s PS Vue. I started to enjoy a life almost entirely free from the grips of Comcast. After reading a lot of reviews online, I bought the Arris SB6190... [Read More]

Chromebook Pixel 2015 (LS) Review

Pixel 2015 Unboxing The time is finally right for me to share some thoughts about my 2015 Chromebook Pixel ludicrous speed edition. I’ve been a proud owner of a beautiful Pixel for 6 months now and it’s still my daily driver. I initially asked myself how I could live with... [Read More]