RCOS Semester Overview


My third semester with RCOS is coming to an end soon. I was made a mentor this semester and came away with so many wonderful teams that I had the privilege to be there for them with their project ideas. Team work was accomplished amongst them throughout each meeting session per week. I can’t wait to see their full projects to operational status one day.

As for YACS Android, I have put in many sleepless nights, hours researching, coding, testing and often failing. I never gave up and often, I have fallen asleep right by the computer before running off to my next class. Android development is hard, I kid you not. My hope is to have my professors and fellow mentors try it out first so that I may address any possible glitches, or issues that were cause from lack of sleep.

As I wrap up another wonderful, unique semester that involves a mentorship role, I will always dedicate my time to the betterment of RCOS. It is such a important course or club to ever be involved with. I have since, never left RCOS since I started. I hope everything I’ve implemented into YACS and YACS Android will be used well for many decades.

I thank all my professors in RCOS for their mentorship to everything I have learned from RCOS. I landed a great summer internship in-part because of my time and effort of work with RCOS.

Best wishes, have a relaxing, healthy and enjoyable summer! See you all again next semester!