YACS Android: Presentation


I gave a full presentation of my YACS Android to RCOS with raving reviews! I have a few more hours to finish with it. The testing is my biggest concern so I would like to have professors and main mentors use it live first. Given that this is an alpha release, if there are any issues, I can then fix them readily before they affect more than a few.

I would also like to create a workshop with Android users, to walk through each feature for better understanding to its ease of use. It was a great feeling to know YACS Android will be a reality for so many to get to use soon. However, as with all completed projects I’ve done, it’s exhilarating knowing the possibility of further feedback from the initial I gave via past presentations.

I look forward to a few users first so that I may refine as needed. If this all works well, I do hope it will fill a void for many students with another alternative to course scheduling every semester.

YACS Android Presentation