RCOS Mentor Duties


My role as a mentor has been going well. The teams are all very enthusiastic with their project ideas and coding has begun. This is a feeling I can relate to so well. I have created several apps and each time, it’s an adrenalin rush to produce. I am glad to hear the importance of testing by Richi was in this semester’s agenda for the students. Security and testing are very important; it’s just not enough to just code and push without ensuring the code is locked-down to bugs and malicious users.

As a mentor I do research often to any ideas that arise. I hope the teams will realize how it will be like working for technology companies who are more equipped to work as a team that involves a program manager, legal team, representatives to the company’s goals by bringing them to field days to witness first hand what their needs are from what they have to work with currently.

These proponents, I hope they will take away with them working with mentors who have made prototypes after coding and presenting to shareholders. Many of my ideas were scrapped before one passed the legal team’s research. With RCOS, these extra roles must all be in place among the team due to the lack of legal team and representatives to a main directive project to focus on.

So far, the teams are great, they are aware of some of what happened when it’s their time to summer intern, co-op or take time off to work full time within their career choices. RCOS is the best place to realize how it will be once diplomas are earned and honored over.