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YACS on Android: Part 2

Hello everyone, It has been awhile since I last gave an update of YACS Android. I implemented major features of YACS in the Android app. I designed an intuitive sections view, optimized for mobile devices, back in March. The design truncates course descriptions while in collapsed state in order to... [Read More]

YACS DevOps Upgrade: Power of Docker

Hello everyone, Here’s an update I’d like to share with what I’ve contributed to the operational side of YACS. At the start of this semester, I was tasked with optimizing YACS as much as possible without touching the Ruby codebase. Also, at the request of the YACS team from last... [Read More]

Improving Nginx Configuration

Hello everyone, In the beginning of the semester, I was excited to continue to build YACS Android using the YACS API to create schedules as well as to help anywhere I could with the YACS team. The YACS team tasked me to optimize the Nginx configuration. Currently, YACS runs on... [Read More]

My New Path For YACS

Hi everyone, I would like to tell you about my background as a prologue before my next blog posts of the semester. I have been running various flavors of the Linux kernel on my servers since 16 years old. Since 16, my creation of GradeSmart gave me a great canvas... [Read More]

End of Semester Thoughts

YACS Android App Update During the middle of November, I created an early concept design of the YACS courses view the way I envisioned it, using my ancient Wacom Graphire 2 tablet. I showed it to the group and the working-concept was well received by the YACS team. Soon after... [Read More]