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RCOS Semester Overview

My third semester with RCOS is coming to an end soon. I was made a mentor this semester and came away with so many wonderful teams that I had the privilege to be there for them with their project ideas. Team work was accomplished amongst them throughout each meeting session... [Read More]

YACS Android: Presentation

I gave a full presentation of my YACS Android to RCOS with raving reviews! I have a few more hours to finish with it. The testing is my biggest concern so I would like to have professors and main mentors use it live first. Given that this is an alpha... [Read More]

RCOS Mentor Duties

My role as a mentor has been going well. The teams are all very enthusiastic with their project ideas and coding has begun. This is a feeling I can relate to so well. I have created several apps and each time, it’s an adrenalin rush to produce. I am glad... [Read More]

RCOS Mentoring Feedback

Hello everyone, I am proud to announce that I was an RCOS mentor this semester. It was a great experience that proved benefitial to everyone. It enabled me to help a subset of RCOS teams stay on task throughout the semester. I am currently a junior and this will be... [Read More]

End of Semester Overview

Hello again, This semester I worked on many aspects of YACS. During the first half of the semester to the end of February, I worked diligently to make YACS more stable, secure, and fast. First, I implemented failsafes in the Docker configuration to make YACS more stable. In the event... [Read More]